Top Ten Newman Removals Moving Tips


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1. Make sure to book Newman Removals well in advance to ensure the removal company is available for your preferred time.


2. Start your packing much earlier than you think you will need – it’s amazing how much time it takes to box things up and you want to ensure the removal team is not waiting around for you to finish putting things into boxes. After all, you’ll be paying for them to stand around.


3. Keep your removal company up to date of any likely changes to your completion date. The more in the loop you keep them, the more likely they will be to work around any issues that arise – and if you end up having to cancel them on the day, you could incur a full days costs to cover their wages.


4. Talk to the removal company or the "man and van" about how you should prepare your belongings. For example, do they want to put furniture, like wardrobes, in the vehicle first? If so, making sure the wardrobes are closer to the entrance and not blocked in by boxes can save considerable time and energy.


5. Check with your household policy before you buy extra insurance –some will already cover you for moving.


6. Think about parking well in advance (if you don’t have a car, you might have to organise parking permits). Don’t forget this could apply to the home you’re moving from as well as the new one you’re moving to.


7. Advising your neighbours that a removal vehicle will be parked outside your home is also a good idea.


8. Consider access – do you need to take down furniture to get them through doorways or down stairs?


9. Don’t overfill boxes making them too heavy to carry (also, they might break). Books are a major culprit when it comes to weight – pack them in smaller sized boxes instead.


10. Under filling boxes can also be an issue, as they will crumple if stacked under heavier things. Try to achieve a good balance (for more information see our Packing Guide, and mark any fragile boxes accordingly so your removal people are aware of what’s inside.